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Partner and Family Residence Visa Services

High experience is required in the acquisition of visas for foreign investors and employees alike. The documents required for the visa types available differ from one another based on the purpose of entry into the country. We offer effective solutions and assistance in the application for new visas and visa renewals in Dubai. Our PRO service experts are well-informed and knowledgeable on the process and documents required in the acquisition and renewal of all Dubai residence visas. With our service, the residence visa processing time in Dubai is reduced to the minimum.

Dubai residence visas are issued by The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai (GDRFA), also called Department of Naturalisation and Residency Dubai (DNRD). The other UAE residence visas in other emirates are issued by the immigration department in each emirate. All the immigration departments in UAE are part of the ministry of interior (MOI).

Investor Residence Visa (Partner Visa)

The UAE government offer Mainland and free zone companies business visas, the investor visa allows the holder a residence period of up to three years in Dubai. Processing an investor visa in Dubai requires approval from the DNRD and acquisition of an entry permit. Also, the issuance of Emirate ID and a medical test will be done alongside the purchase of medical insurance for the concerned parties. The business residence visa is only valid for 3 years.

The requirements to apply for investor residence visa are:

• The investor should be 100% owner or a shareholder, the shares value must be minimum of AED 72,000/-.
• Original LLC agreement (MOA), partnership agreement or LSA agreement.
• Valid trade license copy showing the partner name.
• Immigration establishment card copy.
• Colored passport copies and white background photos.

Dubai Property Investor Visas

The freehold property investors can get a property investor visa, the residence visa validity is 2,5, or 10 years, the investors will get the visa if they ful ll the following requirements:

2 years property visa

Investing of AED 1,000,000/- or more in freehold property.

5 years property visa

Investing of AED 5,000,000/- or more in freehold property.

10 years property visa

Investing of AED 10,000,000/- or more in public investment, the investment must be held for at least 3 years, 60% of the investment must be a non-real estate.

Family Residence Visa (Dependents Visa)

The UAE government allows investors and employees in Dubai to sponsor their family’s residence visa as far as certain requirements are met. Issuance of family residence visa requires the approval of DNRD. The validity period of the family residential visa spans from 2 to 3 years depending on the sponsor’s visa validity period. Here at Business Expert, we understand the importance of family, we, therefore put in all our best resources in the acquisition of your family’s residential visa.

The requirements to apply for Family residence visa are:

• The expat should have a minimum salary of AED 4000/- per month or AED 3000/- + accommodation.
• For some nationalities and in special cases, more salary may be required for the approval.
• The sponsor should have a qualifying profession to be approved by DNRD.
• A tenancy contract (Ejari) registered by the sponsor name.
• Original and attested marriage contract translated into Arabic.
• A six months bank statement, showing the actual salary.
• Original labor contract and original salary certificate.
• Colored passport copies and white background photos.
• An original and attested birth certificate for children.
• A valid copy of the company trade license + partner names.
• Original LLC contract or partnership agreement, minimum share value is AED 72,000/-
• A refundable bank deposit of AED 3,000/- for each family member.

Employment Residence Visa (Labor Visa)

This is the most common type of visa request in Dubai. All foreign nationals seeking employment in Dubai are required to have employment residence visa as eligibility criteria for employment. Issuance of an employment visa in Dubai requires the approval of MOHRE and DNRD. The approval process is quite daunting and involves lots of paperwork. To apply for this visa both work permit and entry permit should be obtained before the employment residence visa is issued. The next step of the process involves the acquisition of an Emirate ID, undergoing a series of medical test and application for the medical insurance policy for the involved party. The employment residence visa is only valid for 2 years before renewal.

The requirements to apply for employment residence visa are:

• Valid trade license copy showing the partner names.
• Immigration establishment card copy.
• Original and attested Educational certificate for high professions.
• Colored passport copies and white background photos.
• Details about the assigned profession and salary

The employment visa is related to Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation (MOHRE), before applying for the immigration visa, MOHRE should approve the work permit. When the employee enters the country, the labor contract should be processed alongside the medical test and the Emirates ID, the nal step is to issue the labor card and stamp the residence visa on the passport.

Retirement Visa

A new visa type was announced for retirees and investors over the age of 55 years, the validity of this visa is 5 years, the visa will be given if one of the following conditions is ful lled:

• The expat should have an investment in a property worth Dh2 million.
• Have savings of no less than Dh1 million.
• Have an active income not less than Dh20,000 per month.

Steps to Apply for Investor / Employee / Family Residence Visas

• Residence entry permit valid for 60 days
• The applicant should enter the country or do statues change
• The medical certificate, the applicant should pass the test to get the residence visa
• Emirates ID, ngerprint scanning and live photo
• Medical insurance is mandatory by the law
• Visa stamping on the passport

All UAE residence visas have one rule in common, the holder can not stay outside the country for more than six months, if the residence holder stayed more than the allowed period, the visa will be considered canceled, a new visa should be issued by the sponsor, the investor visas have some exceptions to this rule.

Business Expert visa services offer effective assistance and professional advice in the acquisition of various types of visas. Our experts are specialist in the obtaining of visas for single or multiple individuals. We take the stress and delay out of your visas processing.

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